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The Dark Side Of Manipulation

Thumbnail The Dark Side of Manipulation
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Pretty evil book. Don't Buy it if you don't want to learn what other marketers, seductionists, con artists.. etc. are all doing. Tags: nlp, pua,

Stretching To Gain Height

Thumbnail Stretching to Gain Height
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The book shows the different stretching exercises which will allow your bones to grow and extend your height even if you are over 25 years old....

Pick Up Artist Routine Book

4.99 USD
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The book is a compilation of the routines and methods in picking up women. It has 100+ routines and patterns. Tags: pua

Make Women Enjoy Your Company

Thumbnail Make Women Enjoy Your Company
3.00 USD
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Make women laugh. After reading the book, you will be able to remove your creepy vibe. She will be very comfortable in your Company, which may...